Sirocco de la Charola, JunCAC,
20.04.2005. HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (2008)
Es, Port Ch, ResWW-01 The Cream of Francos Valley, 16.06.96-2007, HD-5:5 WW-96 Port Ch Cinmarsh Cassanova, 21.09.91, HD-6:4, silmad terved (94)
Port Ch Nortonwwood MIss of Garbank, 24.06.88, silmad terved (93)
Sena del Valle Negro Es Ch Dewmist Smile ‘n Laughter, 17.08.88
Lawnwood’s Love Day, 27.01.92

Est Ch, Balt JCh, Est JW-09 Tramin Rhyanna,  04.05.2008 HD-B/B, ED-0/0, silmad terved (12)

Est Vet Ch Trebell Ticket to Ride, 06.09.06, HD-A/A; ED- 0:0; silmad terved (11) GB Ch Captain Finn at Steval, JW, 22.04.2001, HD-15:6 (C/B), silmad terved (08)
Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell, 25.08.1999-11, HD-6:7 (B/B), silmad terved (06)
Can, Ukr, Rom, Mol Ch, Ukr W-07 Tramin Vanilla Ice-Cream, 11.05.05, HD-A/A; ED-0:0; silmad terved (08) Multi Ch Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag, 29.08.00-23.01.11, HD-A, ED-0, silmad terved (08)
Skandi Sunraize Gracy Evelina, 28.01.03