Passed the Kennel Club basic training for breeders and a member of the Estonian and the original breed club, Inga has passed training for field trial judges and trainers, Tõnu Gerard O’Shea’s handling courses


  • News 2021

    14.05.2021 - Today Alvin left us, chasing his last ball over the rainbow bridge. His hindquarters had become weaker and weaker and finally stopped moving at all, so it was time to let him go and run free together with his great pals Tim, Carlo, Caesar, and Charlie-Sarli.

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News of 2020

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News 0f 2019

Sept. 28, Ringokris Kernow Tinuviel (Murmel) passes a working test for gundogs and is eligible now to become Estonian Champion. Congratulations to owner Terje Mei who has trained the dog so well!

News 0f 2018

19.11 – Today is our kennel’s birthday. 25 years since we registered our affix Ringokris (it was in 1993)