Kasv. Dmitri Mõssov, Estonia
Co-owners Ella Kasmanniga, Exlibris Canes

d.o.b 22.05.2005
d.o.d 30.04.2012
2 x CAC

Kamilla became ours as an adult via her co-owner Ella Kasmann. At first a bit unsure with Goldens, until Tim’s gentle “poetry reading” worked and by now she is a full member of the “gang”. However, as a Borzoi, she also prefers sometimes her privacy. She is very gentle and kind and was the first one to “adopt” baby Kaata until Rianna decided to mother the youngster. Kamilla can make the Goldens “fly” and common running sprees are enjoyed by all.
In 2012 Kamilla perished in the fire that destroyed Kristina’s home.

Kamilla pedigree (with pictures): 

Int, Est, Fin, S, Bye, Rus Ch, Est J Ch, Est JW-04, EurW-05, BaltW-06,09 Russkiy Standart Atlet24.01.03 Rus, Bye, Ukr Ch EurJW Manitias Krasnyi Oriel GB Ch Falconcraig Krassai
Manitias Crimson Classic
Rus, Lv Ch Exlibris Canes Belye Nochi, 16.11.99 Int, Est, Fin, Lv, Ltu, N. Pl, Rus, S Ch, WW-98 Japejukan Kulkuri, 23.09.03, HD-A
Est Ch Rakenlov Paloma Pojarova, 01.06.94
Haldjas Elbereth, 30.12.02 Fin, Lv, Est, S Ch, LvW-01 Rajalinjan Oberon, 12.11.96 Fin, Est Ch, EstW-94 Ardagan’s Socrates, 1992, HD-B
Int, Est, Fin, Lv, Ltu Ch Rajalinjan Eramiah-Emirath, 1992
Est, Lv, Ltu, Balt, Rus Ch Estet Classic Star Sheba, 16.07.00 Multi Ch, EstW-99, BaltW-01 Michelangelo Hegerova, 04.11.97
Est Ch Hepi Hepri Ladoga, 30.03.98