Est Ch

Ringokris Kernow Tinuviel (Murmel)

d.o.b  24.01.2014

HD-B/B, ED-0/0, eyes clear

Testified in the field

3 x sert (Est CAC)

Owner: Terje Mei

Murmel is the dream dog of any family. Her behaviour, obedience and politeness exceeds that of many people. She is very loyal to her family. Though very energetic by nature, she is biddable and easily trainable. With appropriate handling she can direct her energy to the tasks at hand. In these situations one has to be precise and concrete, “cuddling” is an evening activity: she puts her head in the lap, being grateful for the day spent with her.

In some ways she is still a puppy with a bit of miscief inside. She leaves no human nor animal indifferent.

In the forest she likes to search and retrieve as suits the breed. Though she enjoys swimming she is not the one to jump into water without thinking; rather, she goes to water when sure it is safe. Though curious by nature, she prefers to watch and assess the new situation or people. She often leaves an impression that she understands everything wothout words – in any way, she and her guardian Terje have in many ways become a unit with a single mind.

Murmel pedigree:

pedigree with pictures

Sirocco de la Charola, JunCAC,
20.04.2005. HD-A/A, ED-0/0, eyes clear (2008)
Es, Port Ch, ResWW-01 The Cream of Francos Valley, 16.06.96-2007, HD-5:5 WW-96 Port Ch Cinmarsh Cassanova, 21.09.91, HD-6:4, eyes clear (94)
Port Ch Nortonwwood MIss of Garbank, 24.06.88, eyes clear(93)
Sena del Valle Negro, Es Ch Dewmist Smile ‘n Laughter, 17.08.88
Lawnwood’s Love Day, 27.01.92

Est Ch, Balt JCh, Est JW-09, Balt Vet Ch Tramin Rhyanna, 04.05.2008 HD-B/B, ED-0/0, eyes clear (12)

Est Vet Ch Trebell Ticket to Ride, 06.09.06, HD-A/A; ED- 0:0; eyes clear (11) GB Ch Captain Finn at Steval, JW, 22.04.2001, HD-15:6 (C/B), eyes clear (08)
Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell, 25.08.1999-11, HD-6:7 (B/B), eyes clear (06)
Can, Ukr, Rom, Mol Ch, Ukr W-07 Tramin Vanilla Ice-Cream11.05.05, HD-A/A; ED-0:0; eyes clear (08) Multi Ch Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag, 29.08.00-23.01.11, HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear (08)
Skandi Sunraize Gracy Evelina, 28.01.03