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Tramin Waiting For The Sun (Suusi)

d.ob. 09.04.2014

HD-A7A, ED-0/0,  PRA1 – carrier, PRA2 – clear, ICT-A – carrier

eyes clear (2020)

Breeder: Lena Ushan, Ukraina

Suusi’s coming to our doggie family was very special. When in 2017 Lena Ushan from Ukraine visited Inga, they had long talks about dogdom, breeding and futire. When leaving, Lena said: you and Heili have lovely males, I will prsent you a bitch to use your males.

And then, one day, she was here – Tramin Waiting For The Sun, ZhuZhu. Her new home name became Estonianised Suusi – a sunny girl.

Suusi sees only good in people, she wants to be close to people all the time, every moment. Undoubtedly she is the most obedient of our gang. Bold, happy, rapidly adjusting, eager to run after each thrown stick or dummy – that’s our Suusi, that’s what we look for in a Golden retriever. In addition to Suusi’s lovely, golden wavy coat.