Ringokris Viva S litter was born on April 2, 2014
Parents of the litter
The names are again based on Tolkien’s elvish languages, the cognomen Viva designates the liveliness of Ringa’s youth:  
RV Sadron (trusty companion) aka Sidrun, RV Samo (lelper), RV Sermo friend), RV Surion (wind) aka Palle; RV Saminda ( silky), RV Sanda (firm), RV Silme (starlight) aka Tessa
Alibren Shear Spirit

Ringa lives in Finland, but has stayed sometimes with us when visiting Estonia. Last spring Ringa’s owner Helene mentioned that she has no time nor energy to raise puppies, so if we wish… As Ringa is lively, though obedient and sweet, well-adjusting and easy-to-live-with dog blooming with health, we said “yes”. As both Helene and we like Goldens with intense colour, and after long discussions, we thought of Leo whom we know since his puppyhood (when he visited an Estonian show for the first time), and who by temperament meets our requirements for Goldens. As this spring is possible for us and Ringa is over 3 years old, the litter is planned for the spring of 2014.