Est, Rus, Ltu Ch, Est, Lv, Ltu, Balt Vet Ch, Tln VetW-12

Carlo (Guldfynds Careful Casillas)

Kasv. Livia Roomets, Eesti

qualified in the field

23. 03. 2004 – 02.07.2016

HD-A/A, ED-0/0,
eyes clear (Nov. 2013), PRA 1 & 2 clear

in movement

Carlo is reliable like a rock and absolutely trustworthy! My very first Golden who is to “blame” for all the others. It was Carlo’stemperament of real “solid” gold, calm and sweetness that made me an ardent lover of the breed. From his 3rd month onwards, Carlo has been my companion through thick and thin, following me to different parts of Estonia and Finland. He behaved well already as a puppy, was never a bother; his cheerfulness helped me overcome difficult moments. [More puppypictures] For Carlo every living being is the “best of the world” whom he greets enthusiastically.[Portraits of Carlo]

Lena Ushan from Tramin kennel (Ukraine) thanks Carlo for a wonderful litter from where came one of her bitches – “the best bitch in the world”!

Carlo’s summers:20062007

Carlo’s parents and maturing

Carlo at shows


Carlo pedigree: with pictures

Multi Ch Ritzilyn Blues Brother, 30.06.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (07) GB Sh Ch Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood, 21.12.1991-13.09.2003, HD-4:4 (B/B), silmad terved (01) Sansue Castalian, JW 14.09.1983-199?, HD-5:5 (B/B), silmad terved (93)
Perrimay Sea Harp, 31.03.1989, HD-4:5 (B/B)
GB Sh Ch Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny, 26.12.1992-200?, HD-4:5 (B/B), silmad terved (98) GB Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin, JW, 15.05.1991-20.08.1999, HD-8:6 (B/B), silmad terved (98)
Ritzilyn Centre Fold, 19.02.1987-?
Guldfynds Alexandria Aissele, 17.12.2000-2012, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (06) Est Ch, Est W-98 Goldensmile Impossibly Cute,22. 07.1997 Fin Ch Goldensmile Early Bird, 05.01.1994, HD-B/B, ED-0/0, silmad terved (01)
Hiekkakankaan Za-Za-Sandra, 31.03.1994, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, mittepärilikud muutused võrkkestas (99)
Est Vet Ch, Est Vet W-07 Impayables Strong Solero, 03.08.1998-08.2013, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (04) Rayleas Lydon, 31.01.1994-2006, HD-OK, ED-0/0, silmad terved (04)
Impayable-Irma,  07.02.1992, HD-OK, ED-0/0, mittepärilikud silmamuutused (96)

Carlo õde Roosi (Guldfynd’s Cypredium Calceolus), kasvanduses Skylinedog

Carlo vend Cief (Guldfynd’s Cruel Colonel in Cief,  2003. a. erinäituse võitja