Paul Gibbons, Daisy & Penny Gowland

Here I have listed the kennels of the people either I have personally met and/ or with whom we have things in common or whom I admire. Some of them lack webpages; nevertheless, I have wanted to list them here. Listed by geographical proximity and alphabetically.

From Estonia: CayringFairy SunriseGuldfynd’sKämpfer FängeLakewood, Laurel DiademSkylinedogSorbus Intermedia (GD)*

From Finland: Genedda (GD)GlenstoneHeini WiikKoiramäen, Vuokkosen

From Sweden:  Grain of Gold’sKingsize (GD)Oxunda

From Norway: Nordic Giant (GD)

VenemaaltCantrygoldLirika Leta, Svetlana Filimonova ja Goldendaisy,

From DenmarkBrigitte Thilemann (GD)Golden JoyGreat Bel (GD),  TallygoldTop of Jutland

From Ukraine:  Tramin, Solar Beam

From the UK: ApplecoteCamroseCatcombeChinnordale, Dornoir (GD), Goldsand, JaskarMillgreenRemington, Ritzilyn, Steval, TannadiceTenfieldTrebell

From the Netherlandsv t Buitengebeuren (GD)v d Issel HoeveAnja Waebeke-Neve

From Belgium: Vanljinden

From France: Ashbury, Escoloredu Pays Sauvage

From Switzerland: Jewelhopevom Blauen See (GD)

From Germany: Rocas Melody (GD), Enhusiastic SwimmersMy Ray of Light

From Hungary: of Bacardi (GD)

From Spain: La CharolaMarelunaValle de Piélagos

From USA: Offshore (GD)

AustraaliastRiesig (GD)

*GD after the name refers to a Great Dane kennel