If you consider a Ringokris puppy, please send an email (ringokris.goldens@gmail.com).
Please let us have as much information about your family, home and circumstances, as well as your wishes and circumstances in regard of the dog.
Before deciding about the dog, please check that neither you nor any of your family members is allergic to dogs!

The most commonly asked question is price — a well bred Golden Retriever or from a caring breeder will cost anything between 900—1300 EUR. This is quite an average price for pedigree dogs in Estonia today (they are more expensive abroad, starting from 1200 EUR), and though Golden Retriever puppies are sometimes available much more cheaply, it is often from dubious sources or with questionable conditions.

Our puppies are not cheap — we have too much respect for the breeders’ work prior to us (thanks to whom we have these dogs), our own dogs and ourselves for that.

All puppies are ready to leave for new homes after they are 8 weeks old. They are wormed, vaccinated, Estonian Kennel Club registered, and microchipped. All puppies are reared in the home; they have access to the fresh air daily from 4-5 weeks of age in the garden. They are allowed to explore inside our home and all are partially house trained before they leave. Puppies are handled all the time, mix and play with the adult dogs and cats, and are exposed to all of the normal household sights and sounds.

Every puppy leaves home with extensive and detailed rearing guidelines and an information and starter pack. We ask all puppy buyers to stay in touch and are thrilled to receive news and photos of our extended family.

We ask all puppy buyers to sign a contract, as the Estonian Kennel Club advises. This contract states amongst other things, that should you for whatever reason ever have to part with your dog, that we will be informed first and have the option to take him or her back if you are ever faced with having to re-homet.

We are always available to offer help and advice to anyone interested in either breed, and offer discount services for our progeny. If you are interested in meeting our family, or just to find out more about dogs in general, Goldens in particular – please contact us.

Like all other Golden Retriever breeders, we also claim that we want to breed typical, good natured, healthy representatives of the breed – we love “sound nature”, as our slogan says. Besides this, we have some special interests:

  •  we consciously look for sound, for less known and not so popular lines, since we consider their maintance essential for the breed
  • we collect as much information as possible about the lines we use: visit breeders and owners, consult people with long history in the breed, and conduct research (assisted here by Heili’s experience as a research worker)
  • in order to follow the trends in the breed we attend shows and breed events in various countries – not to show us and our dogs but to watch and see others
  • we wish to copy nobody in our activites, even the most successful breeders, for whatis the reason to do something that someone else is already doing well.

Since all of us have our main activities and jobs, in order to keep our hobby a hobby, we do not wish to breed many litters. We do only the combinations we wish to continue with in principle and from which we would pick a dog for ourselves, therefore we are open to collaboration with other breeders and the owners of our and our males’ progeny. We are willing to build the dogs’ show careers, that is to prepare the dogs for and handle them at shows (Tõnu and Heili have attended handling courses with Inga Siil and Gerard O’Shea, and Heili has studied trimming in England).

We also welcome our prgeny and our males’ progeny to visit us, are happy to learn about their lives, and if possible, take them in for their owners’ holidays.