December 2nd and 3rd – Ringokris at Lihuanian shows.
On Saturday Ringokris Melian Orellana BOB junior and Ringokris BIS-2 breeder.
On Sunday: Reval Dream Esprit – BOB, Lithuanian and Baltic Champiand Lithuanian junior Champion.

From left: Hunny, Mirell, memme, Alvin ja Emma, standing Siim, Lana, Evelin ja Bessy, standing Ülle ja Ruudi, standing Eeva, Olku, Suusu and standing Margit

On October 14th Ringokris O-litter became one year old. To celebrate this occasion we had a happy progeny meeting.
Photo album is HERE

October 8thwhen dogs go to the beachi

Sept. 24th – Internarional show at Tallinn: Tenfield Tori (Alvin) BOB veteran and best male 4!

His daughter Ringokris Melian Orellana was 3rd in junior class with CK, RM Olimar just chilled out.  Video

September 10th and 11th: It has been a great weekend for Ringokris in Haapsalu.
Our Ringokris Melian Olimar (Tenfield Tori x Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel) became Estonian Junior Champion
our Ben aka Mareluna Historia de un Sueno (Aramis de Blond Sugar x Luna Rossa de Ria Vela) got his last required CAC to become Estonian Champion (still needs to be qualified in the field, but that he will do!)
the same with Ruudi aka Ringokris Kernow Thorondor (Sirocco de la Charola x Tramin Rhyanna) – still needs a working test, but got his last CAC required for the title.
Alvin (Tenfield Tori) was BOS veteran both days.

02. 09: Luige National show in Alvin’s (Tenfield Tori’s) progeny class, judged by Juta Haranen

From Left to right: Tõnu with Alvin, the newest team member Märten with Olku (Ringokris Melian Olimariga) – a born handler, first time in the ring; Inga Sild with Lana (Ringokris Melian Orellana) and last Heili with Hanna (Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris) who won CAC after being recovered from a serious health issue. Thank you, Kadi Haljand, for this lovely photo!

Aug 26 – show for hunting dogs in Palmse, Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit) shows how retrievers work. Video

Despite the rain we had excellent results:

Ringokris Melian Olimar won male junior class and junior CAC, was BOS junior and best male 4
Ringokris Kernow Thorondor: best male 2
Mare Luna Historia de Un Sueño – won CAC, was best male and BOS
Trebell Ticket To Ride: best veteran male 2, best male 5
Tenfield Tori – best male veteran, best male 3, BOS veteran
Ringokris Viva Perla – 3rd excellent in junior class
Ringokris Melian Orellana – 4th excellent in junior class
Ringokris Kermow Tinuviel – best bitch 3
Björkbo Gullviva – best female veteran 2, best bitch 4

 August 19th – retriever specialty, judged by Heather Morrison from Australia.

Tenfield Tori aka Alvin was very lively and didn’t want to stand at all, wishing to get the ball I had in my hand. The judge said: “Lovely boy, masculine head, beautiful expression. Excellent dark eye and perfect pigment, correct dentition, good shape. Excellent front and hindquarters, carries his topline on the move, good tailset.”

His son Ringokris Melian Olimar competed first time in junior class. Heather Morrison said: “Handsome boy with strong masculine head. Dark eye, good pigment, short level back, compact dog. Front a little loose. Good depth of chest. Excellent hindquarters. In very good coat.”

Alvin’s daughters Ringokris Melian Odetta, Ringokris Melian Orellana and Fidel’s daughter Ringokris Viva Patricia first time as juniors. I don’t have other critiques, but Orellana’s by Heather Morrison was as follows: “Pretty girl, earset a little low. Looks good on the stack with excellent reach of neck which flows into well-laid shoulders and strong topline. Happy on the move, covers the ground well.”

Another Fidel’s daughter Ringokris Viva Perla aka Telma with Tõnu in the ring. Heather Morrison said: “Happy girl in between coats. Short compact body but needs more angulation in front ad more prosternum. Topline ok, but low set croup distracts from this bitch’s outline on the move.”

Our O-litter mother Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel aka Mirell at the show. Heather Morrison said: “Compact, gold girl, shining lovely condition, happy mover with good foot placement. Would prefer more upper arm , angulation and longer neck. Stacks well, showing good ribcage and deep brisket. Short strong loin, good hindquarters. Happy sweet girl.”

And Mareluna Historia de un Sueno aka Bennito was shortlisted for the best mover. Heather Morrison said: “Moderate dog all over. Masculine head, good eye nd pigment. A little short in neck. Would prefer more angulation in front. Fair spring of rib and depth of chest. Good topline and tailset. Happy on the move, covers the ground well.”

14. august

And here we are with Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit) – proud all over of our achievement. The competition was more difficult than anything but I had an incomparable partner who did all three tasks on maximum points. We didi lose points in paired swimming, and here I – Inga – can blame only myself: the wind was strong, trying to blow off my safety vest, the water was chilly and very wet, and I am far from an excellent swimmer.

I am so proud of Priidik who barely two months ago lost all his dignity when seeing water, but now we were praised: he was under my control throughout the whole competition.

You are a super dog, Priidik! And you, Aili Kivinurm, are a fantastic trainer. Thank you, Margman Zeppelin and Tiit Kruusmaa, for your support!

The result: Competition: rescuing a person from water 90 points out of a 100 – Ist award.

July 17th – Tenfield Tori (Alvin) – the title of Baltic Veteran Champion officially confirmed

July 16th – Benito found his true vocation – by participating today in the Match Show for Cross Country Race organised by the Sighthounds Club he won the I place on the 330 m distance among maxi dogs!

And when ben was doing his valorous deeds, I (Inga) was assisting national water rescue competition organised by the Delta Club. It was a nice and friendly day where one could see performance in all three competition levels. Participants included Labradors, Landseers, Newfoundlanders, and a flat-coat retriever from Estonia, Finland and Russia. There were successes and failures, but one was sure – it is never too late to start with water rescue training – there were well-performing dogs in any age and every class. Images made by

July 10th – when there are nine dogs in the house…

July 9th – Sauga Show – Ringokris Viva Paloma received junior CAC, is BOS junior and best bitch 4

July 5th – Freddy (Ringokris Viva Placido) is visiting his pals in Vääna Jõesuu

18.06 Luige show: Ringokris dogs’ results: Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel: Ex, CQ, Best bitch 3! Mare Luna Historia De Un Sueno: Ex,CQ, BM4, CAC!
Tenfield Tori Ex, CQ, BOB Vet, BM3, BIS Vet3!

11.06 What a wonderful day at Vanamõisa Group 8 show! Exprienced and knowledgeable judge Moa Persson from Sweden appreciated our dogs in a serious competion!

Fidel, Vanilla Ice Del Valle De Pielagos, excellent with a lovely critique (if only he could be less proud of his tail 😀 )

Paloma, Ringokris Viva Paloma “very good” with a very competent and just critique.

Alvin, Tenfield Tori – Ex, CQ, best make 2 ja and BIS veteran.

Ruudi, Ringokris Kernow Thorondor – EX, CQ, CAC and best male 3! His result is the more remarkable since there were only three CQ-s out of 10 males!

And icing on the cake: our Mirell, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel: Ex, CQ, best bitch 3, and Est CAC! Only 8 months after birthing and raising 9 puppies Mirell competes well with open and working class bitches, receiving her only required CAC to become Champion. (Only 4 bitches out of 12 received CQs).

20.05 – Ringokris Melian Odessa BOB puppy in Ukraine

14.05 Letter from Germany: Beautiful young male Ringokris Viva Primeiro (Peter), living in Golden Retriever Kennel Ivy’s Paradise, is very happy and healthy. He is not only beautiful but has super character and excellent movement. Marion is so glad that he is here. a.

13.05– moments from the hunting dogs’ show in Särevere: Alvin 
Juuniorid Olimar and Othar in a ring

Feb. 14th – today’s Valentine Day in a care centre was made spacial by the greatest friend of the patients – 8-year-old Golden retriever Rianna. She is a therapy dog who regularly visits the patients, bringing a great deal of joy and happiness. Rianna enjoys caresses and good words the patients give to her. These visits are co-ordinated by the Estonian Society for Assistance and Therapy Dogs.

Jan. 28th – Olivia plays with Brutus

Jan. 16th Rianna becomes a “reading dog”. Inga Sild and Rianna have become trained in the reading program and support since January Russian children to learn Estonian language. Rianna’s role is to be the patient and supportive listener to children reading aloud in Estonian. Librarian Niina Rock helps to pick the right book, sees that Rianna has enough drinking water, and that children would be in the library at the rigt time.

Jan. 8th – Today was the second vaccination day for our O-litter. We are very happy and proud that all our progeny living in Estonia found time to come to their puppy home and get their second shot. During a small forest walk the puppies had great fun.

Jan 6th – Farewell, dear Pacho! Now you are running free with no open canalisation wells, and grandpa Carlo keeps an eye on you.
Ringokris Viva Pacho 09.08.2016-06.01.2017

Jan 6th Olivia and Othar have had some gundog training in their home yard, but today they went to the forest to get their first experience of dummy retrieving. Photos here:

Jan. 5th – Olivia and Othar in the forest –