Est Vet Ch

Sarli (Trebell Ticket To Ride) 06.09-2006 – 20.12.2019

Kasv. Elaine Bond, UK

sünd. 06.09.2006,


HD-A/A, ED-0/0 eyes clear (juuli 2015),

GR_PRA 1 & 2 clear

On the move

Co-owner Inga Sild

Sarli is a typical “quiet water, deep bottom”. He looks at you with his cutest expression and then does something unexpected like taking things from the table. [Portraits]

Sarli was an unplanned surprise. He was 6 months old when I brought him from England to Estonia [Picking Sarli up from Cornwall], and though he was very happy to meet my other boys [first month in Estonia], adjustment to city life has not always been easy.  He was a bit stranger-shy, but now he has learned to like strange people, and if at the beginning he was he looks quite unhappy in the showring, by now he has learned to enjoy it. And shows as such have been always thrilling – so many other dogs!

Sarli’s real element is nature — there he feels himself free and happy. He is eager to work, searching dummies with full enjoyment and brings them to us. Sarli likes to splash in the sea (going into quite a stromy sea — one can see that he was born by the Atlantic Ocean!) and he is willing to search the ball from under the water. An eager hunter who, when finding a trail, can forget everything else for a while.[Sarli in his element]