The litter (5 males + 1 female) born on May 3rd  Tramin Magellan + Ringokris Kernow Vallia

All Lia’s puppies will have a cognomen Anórien (land of sun) in honour of Lia’s colour and her human family. Olga’s family picked out following Tolkien names: Rian (crown) also in honour of her granny Rianna; for boys: Ragnor, Rumil (kind), Randir (traveller), Raumo (storm), Rodon (a mighty one)

17-day-old puppies first time on grass

Lia was a puppy who we wanted to keep, but Kristiina’s illness forced our hand. Luckily we found Lia a lovely home with Olga’s family. We postponed any breeding plans until Lia is mature — in her case no sooner than at the age of 2,5 years. Since she has her heat only once a year, it means that this is the time since she is over 3 years old. After long pondering and talks we chose Mailo, a dog owned by our friend Lena Ushan, and we are grateful that Lena agreed to let Mailo come to us. Lia is a very happy dog, at home quiet and pleasing, at walks a ball of energy. Mailo is a very confident dog who can manage any situation and is never any trouble. His progeny in Ukraine and Russian has indicated that he passes on his good features.