Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel (Damsi)

Kasv. Tatjana Zamorskaja, Eesti

d.o.b 07. 03. 2013,

sert/ Est CAC

Owner Olga Kostjutšenko

After her older dog (our Priidik’s granny dies), Olga was thinking of a new dog, and as she liked our Carlo very much, we offered her Carlo’s granddaughter. We like Damsi’s father Sioma who is a sweet and extremely calm and peaceful male. Olga picked out an eager girl who is full of mischief at home, more cautious out of it. She adores the company of other dogs in whose company she dares anything.

Mol, Est, Ukr Ch, Xanthous Sweet November, 4.10.09, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (12)

Multi Ch, WW-08, EW’04, 06 Sequins Shamrock, 20.09.02, HD-A, ED-0, silmad terved (03)

Int, Swe, Nor Ch Inassicas Song Of Songs, 21.04.97, HD-ok. ED-ok, silmad terved (03) 

JWW-00 Woodland Paradise Spring Classic, 14.03.99, HD-B1, ED-0/0

Dutch Ch Xanthous Prue, 15.03.03, HD-A/A, silmad terved (2008)

Flyngalee Noble Lord, 05.01.01, HD-B1, Ed-0/0

Dutch Ch Xanthous Peanut27.09.99, HD-ok, ED-ok, silmad terved (08)

Est, Rus Ch, Est, Lv, Rus JCh Tramin Gathella for Ringokris, 19.01.10, HD-B/B, ED-1/1, silmad terved (2012)

Est, Ltu & Rus Ch, Balt Vet Ch Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas, 23.03.2004, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (09)

Multi Ch Ritzilyn Blues Brother, 30.06.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (09)

Guldfynds Alexandria Aissele, 17.12.2000-2013, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (08)

Ukr, Rus, Mol, Bul, Rom Ch Tramin Tananda, 15.03.2007, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (2008)

Dt, Ger, VDH, Pl, Lux Ch, ClubW-05,06, WW-06 Moondust Masterpiece,22.12.2003, HD-A/A, ED-1/1, silmad terved

Multi Ch, Mol JCh, UkrW-04 Tramin Apple Juice02.12.02, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (06)