Est, Lv Ch

Lia (Ringokris Kernow Vallia)

d.o.b 17.11.2010

Rus, Lv, Ltu JCAC

HD-C/C, ED-0/0,
eyes clear (2012),
PRA 1 and 2 clear by parents

Co-owner: Olga Ignatjeva

Of the two Ringokris bitch puppies Lia was calmer and quieter, even a bit shy. We had a definite plan to keep her in the kennel, but Kristina’s illness forced a revision. In Olga and Denis Ignatyevs we found good partners and Lia an excellent home. When arriving in Narva she was greeted by her half-sister Katu and flatcoat Saffi. Playing with them she has grown into a beautiful Golden lady of wonderful personality. She is lively and happy dog who adores playing with children (and other dogs), taking walks in the forest and cannot imagine her life without water and swimming.

Lia pedigree:

Est, Ltu, Rus Ch, Tallinn VetW-12 Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas23.03.2004 HD-A/A, ED-0/0 silmad terved (11) Multi Ch Ritzilyn Blues Brother, 30.06.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (07)



GB Sh Ch Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood, 21.12.1991-13.09.2003, HD-4:4 (B/B), silmad terved (01)
GB Sh Ch Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny, 26.12.1992-200?, HD-4:5 (B/B), silmad terved (98)
Guldfynds Alexandria Aissele, 17.12.200-2013, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (06)


Est Ch, Est W-98 Goldensmile Impossibly Cute22. 07.1997
Est Vet Ch, Est Vet W-07 Impayables Strong Solero, 03.08.1998, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (04)
Est Ch, Balt JCh, Est JW-09 Tramin Rhyanna04.05.2008 HD-B/B, ED-0/0, silmad terved (11) Est Vet Ch Trebell Ticket to Ride, 06.09.06, HD-A/A; ED- 0:0; silmad terved (11) GB Ch Captain Finn at Steval, JW, 22.04.2001, HD-15:6 (C/B), silmad terved (08)
Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell, 25.08.1999-11, HD-6:7 (B/B), silmad terved (06)
Can, Ukr, Rom, Mol Ch, Ukr W-07 Tramin Vanilla Ice-Cream, 11.05.05, HD-A/A; ED-0:0; silmad terved (08)


Multi Ch Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag, 29.08.00-23.01.11, HD-A, ED-0, silmad terved (08)
Skandi Sunraize Gracy Evelina, 28.01.03