3x ESTsert / Est CAC

Mareluna Historia de un Sueño (Bennito)

Breeder Maria Cortes Perez & Jorge Jimenez, Spain

d.o.b 25.04.2014

HD-A/A, ED-0/0
Eyes: eyes free of PRA 1 & 2 by parentage, mRD (2018)
ICT-A carrier

3x ESTsert / Est CAC
Co-owner Tõnu Sild

We had for long time admired Bennito’s father Joe from afar. He was our choice for unrealised Rianna’s U-litter. When we learned of Mareluna’s breeding plans we immediately let them know that we are interested in a boy. Bennito was born as the only puppy, and we didn’t hesitate: if the breeders allow, this boy would come to Estonia. Luckily they agreed. Bennito adjusted well to new situations and life, and his new friends turned out to be exciting. As a lone puppy he has also learned to be alone and play by himself, at the same time, he learned quickly to wrestle with other puppies. He is bold, but not overmuch, full of natural curiosity and puppy mischief, but also balanced and steady. A natural born gundog and a boy full of charisma with a permanent smile in his face. Bennito first time by the sea.

Bennito pedigree:

Bennito pedigree with pictures

Port Ch Aramis de Blond Sugar, 05.10.2006, HD-3:3, ED-0/0, eyes clear (09), PRA1 & 2 vaba


Esp, Port Ch Charola MIssissippi, 20.04.1999-2013, HD-4:6 (B/B), eyes clear



Es, Port Ch  The Cream of Franco’s Valley, 16.06.1996-2007, HD-5:5 (B/B), eyes clear
Sena del Valle Negro
Noa Jones de Blond Sugar
Es, Port Ch  The Cream of Franco’s Valley, 16.06.1996-2007, HD-5:5 (B/B), eyes clear
Kowalski Cathy
Luna Rossa de Ria Vela, 12.10.2007, HD-5:7 (B/B), ED-0/1, eyes clear, PRA1 & 2 free


Port, Es, Gib, Dk Ch, EJW-07 Ritzilyn Rick O’Shay, 15.04.06, HD-4:5 (B/B), ED-0/0, eyes clear, PRA 1 & 2 free
GB Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon, 30.06.2000-2012, HD-6:5 (B/B), ED-0/0, eyes clear (03)
GB Sh Ch Pearlbarn Periwinkle for Ritzilyn 30.06.1999, HD-3:6 (A/B), eyes clear
Seven Angels de Ria Vela, 22.02.2004, HD-5:4 (B/B), ED-0/0, eyes clear EJW-04, Spa Ch, Gib JCh Zampanzar Always You, 08.12.2002, HD-3:5 (A/B), ED-0/0, eyes clear
Toscane du Bois de la Rayere,  28.04.2002, HD-6:7 (B/B), ED-0/0, eyes clear