Est, Lv, Ltu, Balt JCh, Est JW-09, Est Ch Est, Lv, Ltu Vet Ch

Rianna (Tramin Rhyanna)

Kasv. Elena Ushan, Ukraina

sünd. 04.05.2008 – 18.11.2021

Qualified in the field, certified therapy dog

HD-B/B, ED-0/0

eyes clear (2012),

GR_PRA 1 & 2 normal (clear)

Co-owner Inga Sild

Rianna is a real little rascal: eager for everything new, tireless, and like his father Sarli, a real lover of water.

Rianna was not pre-planned, but after her mother Vaiti had stayed with us and I had fallen in love with her, I couldn’t resist the temptation. So, when I flew to Odessa to see the puppies, I had in mind to bring myself one. This sweet fluffy hairball has become a real trial for my boys, for she would like to play with them all the time. Here are pictures from her first summer with us.

When in a peaceful mood, she is the cutest, sweetiest thing imaginable. When happy about something, she behaves like her father Sarli: talking loudly with a toy in her mouth, wagging tail so much that one is afraid of it falling off.