Int, Est V, Lv, Rus, Ukr, Mol Ch, Est & Lv Vet Ch

Tenfield Tori (Alvin) (24.12.2006-14.05.2021)

Int, Est V, Lv, Rus, Ukr, Mol Ch, Est & Lv Vet Ch

Kasv. Kim Ellis,  UK

d.o.b 24.12.2006,

Est ja Rus JunCAC, 2 x CACIB, Swiss VetWinner,
2 x Austria Vet Winner

HD-A/A, ED-0/1,
eyes clear (juuni 2015),
GR_PRA1 carrier (AHT)prcdPRA free (unofficial),
GR_PRA 2 free (AHT), ICT-free

Alvin is zealous in everything: playing, climbing into your lap, swimming , eating….

He was a long-awaited pup: I wanted a puppy from her grandma 2 years before Alvin was born, but then there were no puppies. Thus we had to wait. [Alvin in his first home[

Alvin is my only dog whose foreparents  I had mostly seen with my own eyes three generation backwards. Many of them are my great favourites!

Alvin conquered us all with his braveness. He is bold and eager for fun. [New life in Estonia] He is “ball-crazy”, ready to give up even food for a ball. [Portraits from the summer 2007] Alvin has also been eager forpicking up both from land and water.

Life in the country in summer 2007

All boys having fun: juunijuuliaugust