Ltu Vet Ch

Ringa (Ringokris Kernow Viviana)

(Ringokris Kernow Viviana)

17.11.2010 – 04.12.2021

2 x Ltu Vet CAC


HD-C/C, ED-1/1,
eyes clear (2012),
clear by parents

Owner: Helene Nikiforow

Ringa was the most forceful personality of all the V-litter — always in front, always on top, always the queen. And thus she forced her way into Helene’s heart who has come to choose her depite the storm and deep snow. Like her mum Rianna and grandpa Sarli, she too is a lively fireball outdoors, and sweet and quiet indoors. Like papa Carlo she travels with equal ease in car, on bus, tram, train or boat — wither her mistress’s road may lead.

Very good type,very good head and expression,very good neck , topline and feet, very good body and hind angulation, moves Ok from side, but still loose in front, good coat.

Nicely built, well-boned, typical body, nice puppy, typical ribcage, could have more angulation, parallel rear movement, very nice gait, a bit high tail. Moves with great attitude.

Est, Ltu, Rus Ch, Balt Vet Ch Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas, 23.03.2004 HD-A/A, ED-0/0 eyes clear (11) Multi Ch Ritzilyn Blues Brother, 30.06.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, eyes clear (07) GB Sh Ch Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood, 21.12.1991-13.09.2003, HD-4:4 (B/B),eyes clear (01)
GB Sh Ch Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny, 26.12.1992-200?, HD-4:5 (B/B), eyes clear (98)
Guldfynds Alexandria Aissele, 17.12.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, eyes clear (06) Est Ch, Est W-98 Goldensmile Impossibly Cute, 22. 07.1997
Est Vet Ch, Est Vet W-07 Impayables Strong Solero, 03.08.1998, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, eyes clear (04)
Ch, JCh Tramin Rhyanna04.05.2008 HD-B/B, ED-0/0, eyes clear (11)

Est Vet Ch Trebell Ticket to Ride, 06.09.06, HD-A/A; ED- 0:0; eyes clear (11)

GB Ch Captain Finn at Steval, JW, 22.04.2001, HD-15:6 (C/B), silmad terved (08)

Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell, 25.08.1999-11, HD-6:7 (B/B), eyes clear (06)

Can, Ukr, Rom, Mol Ch, Ukr W-07 Tramin Vanilla Ice-Cream, 11.05.05, HD-A/A; ED-0:0; eyes clear (08)


Multi Ch Robin Hood of Glen Sheallag, 29.08.00-23.01.11, HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear (08)

Skandi Sunraize Gracy Evelina, 28.01.03