Est, Lv, Ltu ja Balt Ch

Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit)

Kasv. Natalia Melnikova-Stankevitš ja Olga Kostjutšenko

d.o.b 30.06.2012

certified therapy dog
BOB, BOB puppy & junior

HD-A/A, ED-3/1
(due to injury)
eyes clear (Nov. 2013)
GR_PRA1 clear (AHT),
GR_PRA2 carrier (AHT)
prcdPRA  free (unofficial)
ICT-A clear

Co-owner: Tõnu Sild

Priidik is yet another of those unplanned dogs who came to us and stayed. As a puppy he visited us with his brother to get acquainted with country life and forest walks, and he captivated us with his calm, independent and bold nature.

It was his personality as well as his lovely proportions, soft expression and exciting pedigree that made the decision: this boy is for us! Many times in the show ring he has won praise for his sweet expression and good movement.

Priidik has turned out to be an excellent learner who takes everything with an easy stride. He never hesitates to fulfil the task at hand: goes into water even in the most difficult conditions, persists in looking for the hidden game, be it a dummy or a bird, using both memory and nose. He is versatile: biddable to his partner in water rescue and obedience, working in a library as a reading dog to children.

Priidik is a dog Lord Tweedmouth would be proud of: this is what a Golden retriever is all about!