Est JunCh

Hanna (Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris)

Kasv. Jelena Fedossejeva, Russia

03.06.2013 – 08.10.21

Owner Kristel Fauštein
VSP Jun, TP jun/ BOB & BOS junior

eyes: PRA 1 & 2 free (AHT)

Kristel wanted our Rianna’s puppy, but when that litter was not born, we offered her a possibility to have Alvin’s daughter from Moscow, to which she agreed. Hanna adjusted well with Kristel’s three children and adores the company of our doggy gang. Hanna is cautious by nature, not rushing to see any new item or situation, but waits and observes how matters stand. She has her mother’s calmness combined with her father’s quick trainability and willingness to please. Hanna is a fast learner, enjoying working together, and constantly surprises her trainers; however she has her streak of stubbornness as well. All in all, she is the best companion to her human family.

Est, Lv, Rus, Ukr, Mol Ch Tenfield Tori, 24.12.2006, HD-A/A, ED-0/1, silmad terved (12) Tenfield Sea Biscuit, 22.10.2003-2013, HD-5:5 (B/B), ED-0/0, silmad terved (09), GR_PRA 1 & 2 vaba/free GB Ch Ninell Harrington at Millgreen, 30.10.1996-09.07.2009, HD-8:6 (B/B), silmad terved (02)
Tenfield Silver Gull, 26.03.2001-31.07.2009, HD-4:5 (B/B), ED-1/1, silmad terved (09)
Tenfield Tigris, 08.04.2003, HD-6:4 (B/B), ED-0/0, silmad terved (08) Sansue Magic Man, 20.03, 1997-07.01.2012, HD-6:3 (B/A), silmad terved (07)
Tenfield Chamomile, 20.06.99-31.10.11, HD-6:7 (B/B), ED-0/0, silmad terved (05)
Rus, NKP, Ukr Ch Cantrygold Laplandia, 12.11.2006, HD-A/A, ED-0/0 Multi Ch, Multi W, WW-00, EurW-00 Lorinford Harlequin, 16.7.92-21.5.05, HD-B, ED-0, silmad terved (02) GB Sh Ch Lorinford Lancelot, 17.12.82-7.9.95, HD-4/4 (B/B), silmad terved (93)
Lorinford Lovestory, 15.2.90, HD-6/3 (B/A), silmad terved (95)
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