Est J Ch, Tallinn JW-12

Monty (Ringokris Kernow Valmonte)

d.o.b  17.11.2010

eyes clear (20.05.12),

free of PRA 1& 2 by parents
HD-C/C, ED-0/0

Owner Elen Perolainen

Monty was a puppy who dug himself into our hearts so that I planned to keep him initially. However, Kristin’a serious illness required changed and we had to look for a new permanent home for Monty. When Elen’s family came to see him, it was mutual sympathy from the first glance. To our greatest joy Monty found a playmate in 5-year-old Chris, showperson in Elen (who went to handling and ringcraft courses and has shown Monty successfully), and breed training enthusiast in Vladi. Monty has grown into a sweet- and soft-natured young dog (with a streak of mischief) who is very social and willing to please, adores water (and mud), enjoys digging and carrying all kind of items in his mouth.

Monty näitustel

Est, Ltu, Rus Ch, Balt Vet Ch Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas, 23.03.2004 HD-A/A, ED-0/0 silmad terved (11) Multi Ch Ritzilyn Blues Brother, 30.06.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (07) GB Sh Ch Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood, 21.12.1991-13.09.2003, HD-4:4 (B/B), silmad terved (01)
GB Sh Ch Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny, 26.12.1992-200?, HD-4:5 (B/B), silmad terved (98)
Guldfynds Alexandria Aissele, 17.12.2000, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (06) Est Ch, Est W-98 Goldensmile Impossibly Cute, 22. 07.1997
Est Vet Ch, Est Vet W-07 Impayables Strong Solero, 03.08.1998, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, silmad terved (04)
Ch, JCh Tramin Rhyanna, 04.05.2008 HD-B/B, ED-0/0, silmad terved (11)

Est Vet Ch Trebell Ticket to Ride, 06.09.06, HD-A/A; ED- 0:0; silmad terved (11)

GB Ch Captain Finn at Steval, JW, 22.04.2001, HD-15:6 (C/B), silmad terved (08)

Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell, 25.08.1999-11, HD-6:7 (B/B), silmad terved (06)