Ukr, Mol, Srb, Geo, Rom, Est Ch

Vanilla Ice del Valle de Piélagos (Fidel)

Kasv. Lorena Barcena & Fidel Ibanez, Spain

qualified in the field

d.o.b 20. 11. 2013,

HD-A/A, ED-0/0,
Eyes clear, PRA 1 & 2 genetically clear

Fidel was bought in partnership with Lena Ushan from Ukraine. It was she who raised this lovely dog, and made her Champion of many countries.

Fidel is an active dog, quite independent but also eager to please. Loves being close to people, and is gentle with those he lives with. Having grown up with Lena’s children, he is very affectionate of them. Also a great Don Juan who adores all gentler sex, and sires beautiful and spirited puppies.

Fideli pedigree:

Esp J Ch Zampanzar Malibu Rum, 02.06.2012,  HD-A, ED-0/0, eyes clear (2013) Dk, Swe, Esp Ch Endicott Caballero, 19.01.2007, HD-A/A, ED-0/0, PRA 1 & 2 clear, eyes clear



Swe Ch Gatchells Prince of Thieves, 12.08.2004, HD-B, ED-0/0, eyes clear
Endicott Newtonabbey, 17.04.2002, HD-A, ED-0/0, PRA1 clear, eyes clear
Esp, Port Ch Zampanzar Sky At Night, 03.11.2004, HD-a, ED-0, PRA 1&2 clear, eyes clear
Dk, Swe, Nor Ch Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel, 31.10.1999-2013, HD-A, ED-0, eyes clear
EW-02.04, Multi Ch, trialer Samsara of Glen Sheallag, 27.02.01,HD-3:3, ED-0
Hello Kitty del Valle de Piélagos,  15.01.11,

HD-A/A, ED-0/0, PRA 1& 2 clear

Edgar de la Charola, 01.04.01, HD-6:9, ED-0/0, eyes clear Esp, Port Ch Charola MIssissippi, 20.04.1999-2013, HD-4:6 (B/B), eyes clear
Saphiron Debonair, 14.04.98
Berta del Valle de Piélagos, 29.08.08, HD-B, ED-0, prcdPRA clear Int Ch Thundering de la Corraliza, 28.03.07, HD-B, ED-0, PRA 1 & 2 Clear
Princesa del Besaya, 28.08.04, ED-0/0