Tramin Gipsy King, Mold Ch

24.12 – National dog show in Pskov, Russia. Ringokris Kernow Vallia gets JunCAC, becomes BOB junior and finally BOB! Congratulations to the owner Olga and handler Tanya!

17.12 – VIII Group Show in Riga, Ringokris Kernow Vallia gets Lv JunCAC – thank you Olga and Tanya!

27.11 – Carlo’s (Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas’s) and Tramin Tananda’s son Tramin Gipsy King becomes Moldova Champion. Congratulations!

Ringokris Kernow Vallia – TP juunior

26.11 – National Show in Narva, Ringokris Kernow Vallia is BOB junior and Best bitch 4! Congratulations to the owner Olga Ignatyeva and thank you, Tatyana Zamorskaya for handling!

17.11 – Ringokris Kernow V litter became one year old. Thank you, owners, for taking good care of our progeny and for your activities with them!

31.10 – Alvin’s granny Tenfield Chamomile died at the age of 12
06.10 -Sarli’s dam Lindjan Lullaby at Trebell died at the age of 12

Trebell Ticket To Ride

02.10 – Carlo’s daughter Katu (Tramin Gathella) passes successfully the gundog test. Congratulation to her brave owner Tanya!

01.10 – Retriever Specialty in Tartu. Sarli (Trebell Ticket To Ride) is at the show after several years and wins the open class!

23.09 – going to the windy beach.

17.09 – Ringokris Kernow V litter is 10 months old. Half of the litter meets at Vääna-Jõesuu. Pictures.

Tramin Rhyanna

11.09 – Viimsi näitus. Ringokris Kernow Valmonte – juuniorsert ja PI 2, Tramin Rhyanna – sert, TP ja rühma 2. Peale selle sai ta sel näitusel ka Eesti tšempioniks! / Viimsi show. Ringokris Kernow Valmonte – junior CAC and Best male 2, Tramin Rhyanna – CAC, BOB and Group 2. And now she became Estonian Champion!

Son and mum: Ringokris Kernow Valmonte & Tramin Rhyanna

Monty kohtuniku ees/ Monty being critiqued

20.-21.08  Some pictures Tallinn International Show with Monty’s (RK Valmonte) debut in junior class. On the first day he was „excellent“ and placed 4th, on the second he was „excellent“ and placed 2nd.

12.-14.08 Golden Retriver summer days in Vehendi with summershow and speciality show. Ringokris Kdernow Valmonte (Monty) is best male puppy at the summershow; Ringokris Kernow Valdemo (Vallo) is 2nd male puppy at the speciality shiw and best Estonian-bred male puppy. We congratulate the owners!

Vennad Vehendis: Vallo ja Monty

Ringokris Kernow Valdemo

Kämpfer Fänge Tolerant Ariel

24.07 – Jaunmarupe national dogshow in Latvia, Alvin’s (Tenfield Tori) daughter Kämpfer Fänge Tolerant Ariel – 1st in young bitch class, best bitch 3

03.07 – Ogre National Show, Latvia – Tramin Gathella for Ringokris becomes Latvian junior champion

Tramin Rhyanna

Recently many breeders in Estonia have complained that prospective puppy buyers don’t want a “show dog”, they want “just a friend” and “home dog”. Since we sometimes go to show, my dogs classify as “show dogs” — here is the picture series of summer life of “show dogs”.

At summer home and on the shore

News from Russia, Kazan – Carlo’s (Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas) daughter Tramin Gerda has become Russian junior and full Champion. Congratulations and thanks to the owner and breeder!

19.06 – International show “Pärnu Winner”, Ringokris Kernow Vallia BOB Puppy, Ringokris Kernow Vernone – special prize and 2nd male puppy, Tramin Gathella BOB junior.

RK Valmonte, kohtunik Ingrid Hein ja RK Vallia

18.06 – International show “Pärnu Summer Cup”: Ringokris Kernow Valmonte – BOB Puppy, Ringokris Kernow Vallia BOS Puppy, Ringokris Kernow Vernone 2nd male puppy with special prize! Tramin Gathella receives her last JunCAC and becomes Estonian and Russian Junior Champion! Alvin’s (Tenfield Tori) son Skylinedog Rose Flint was “excellent” and 4th in junior class at the first show of his life! Thank you, owners for showing our progeny, without you we would have nothing to be proud of! Pictures from the show

RK Vernone

11.-13.06 2011 Näitused Piiteris, Tramin Gathella for Ringokris

11.06 – Rus JCAC, TP juunior, BIS 2 juunior, 12.06 – näitus 1: Rus JCAC, VSP juunior; näitus 2: Rus JCAC, TP juunior, TP, RÜP1, BIS 4 juunior Russia, St-Petersburg, three shows: Tramin Gathella for Ringokris 

11.06.2011 (judge: Lilia Popova) – JCAC, BOB Junior, BIS 2 junior

12.06.2011 (judge: Elena Kuleshova) – JCAC, BOS junior
(judge: Elena Kukoleva) – JCAC, BOB junior, BOB, GROUP 1,       BIS 4 junior

Thank you, Tatyana Zamorskaya, for showing Katu to perfection!

Ringokris Kernow Valmonte

05.06 – Estonian Winner Show – our Ringokris Kernow Viviana is second in puppy class! Congratulations to Helene!

04.06 – Retriever specialty in Tallinn. Our puppies Ringokris Kernow Valmonte, RK Vallia ja RK Viviana take part, all get very nice critiques and Valmonte and Viviana are 2nd in their classes. In junior class Tramin Gathella runs toher second juniorCAC. Thank you, owners of our puppies and their handlers!

22.05 – Ukraine, “The Spring of Vinniza” Show, Carlo’s son Tramin Grandmaster gets JunCAC and becomes Ukrainian Junior Champion, is BOB and BIG-1. Congratulations!

Ringokris Kernow Viviana

Ringokris Kernow Vallia

07.-08.05 – Shows in Lvov, Ukraine. Our Carlo’s son Tramin Grand Master (brother of Tramin Gathella) receives JunCAC at the international show and is Best Junior at the specialty show. Congratulations to Tanya, Sasha, Lena the breeder, and of course to Grand!

06.-08.05 – pleasure and show trip to Latvia with Carlo who is 2nd best male in Ventspils.

Katu ja Tanja näitusel. Katu and Tanya at the show

05.03 – Tallinn Show, our Katu (Tramin Gathella for Ringokris) gets JunCAC and is 4th best bitch! Thank you Tanya for excellent handling!

Monty in the city: first day and two days later.

Golden retriever specialty in Tallinn. We don’t participate, but our boys’ progeny does well: 

Alvin’s son Cayring Harrold Harrison is “excellent”junior;

Alvin’s daughter Kämpfer Fänge Tolerant Ariel 4th xcellent in intermediate class. 

Sarli’s son Meiepere Golden Lights is 2nd “excellent” in intermediate claGolden retriever specialty in Tallinnss;

08.-09.01 Shows in Tartu and Vaimstvere where Katu participates and receives “excellent” result and is 4th junior bitch.

05.01 – 7-week-old-puppies, stacked up