24.11 – Narva national show, Ringokris Kernow Vallia receives Est CAC. Congratulations, Olga Ignatjeva! See photo on the right

13.10 – Odessa International Show – Carlo’s sister (and our Katu’s sister) Tramin Grenada became BOB, CAC, CACIB

Alvin & Carlo

30.09 – Carlo’s son Tramin Grandmaster becomes Belorussian Champion! Congratulations to owner tatyana Korzhova and breeder Lena Ushan!

23.09 –  Meeting of Ringokris progeny and friends

16,09 – Visiting Tanlay retriever specialty in France

08.09 –  At Luige show Alvin’s son Kämpfer Fänge Winner Snoopy is 4th junior! Congratulations, Õnne!

Tramin Grandmaster

26.08 –  Rovno show in Ukraine, Carlo’s son Tramin Grandmaster is BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3. Congratulations to owner Tatyana Korzhova and breeder Lena Ushan

26.08 –  Outing to Narva where Heili judges Lucky-club match-show. We also meet Volli (Ringokris Kernow Volterro) and take a walk on Utria beach.

25.08 – Ivano-Frankiisk. Ukraine: Tramin Grandmaster  (Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas x Tramin Tananda)  – BOB; BIG-1, BIS-2. Congratulations to owner Tatyana Korzhova and breeder Lena Ushan!

28.07 – At Haapsalu show Kämpfer Fänge Wining Snoopy (son of Tenfield Tori) gets Estonian junior CAC, our Charlie (Trebell Ticket To Ride) is best male 4.

01.07 –  Trebell Ticket To Ride wins Estonian CAC! The successful result of Tõnu’s and Charlie’s training (see picture left)! Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas (handled by Tõnu) was BOS veteran, best male 4 and now also Estonian Veteran Champion!

30.06 – Viimsi rahvuslik näitus – Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas on VSP veteran
Guldfyn’s Careful Casillas BOS veteran

16.06 At Konguta National Show – Kämpfer Fänge Winner Snoopy was 4th best male junior

12.05 – Show for hunting dogs in Türi. Ringokris Kernow Vallia – best junior bitch, BOS junior, best bitch and BOS! Congratulatiopns to owner-handler Olga Ignatjevat!

aprilli lõpp – Alvin’s son  Kämpfer Fänge Trunthful Tory is visiting us in Vääna-Jõesuu

Tallinn Veteran Winner-12 Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas

15.04 – International Tallinn Winner Show: Ringokris Kernow Valmonte – BOS junior, Ringokris Kernow Vallia – 2nd junior bitch, Gukldfynd’s Careful Casillas — BOB veteran, Tramin Rhyanna – best bitch 3.

Tallinn Junior Winner-12 Ringokris Kernow Valmonte

01.04 – Tramin Gathella for Ringokris receives CAC at Rakvere show and with this is entitled to become Estonian Champion. Congratulations to Tanya Zamorskaya!

Ringokris Kernow Vallia veebruaris/ In February

04.03 – Today at Tallinn show Ringokris Kernow Valmonte receives his third junior CAC and thus becomes Estonian Junior Champion. He finishes his day as Best male 2. Congratulations to Monty’s owner Elen Perolainen who handled Monty perfectly, and many thanks to all those who have helped to achieve this!

More doggie life!
Ringokris Kernow Vallia gets Lithuanian junCAC in Kaunas. Congratulations to owner Olga Ignatyeva and handler Tatyana Zamorskaya!

Ringokris Kernow Valmonte becomes best male. Pilt/Photo: Merike Kalle

20.01 – Life is not just “parade events”, but everyday matters are essential. Regular visits to Vääna-Jõesuu forest have now become even part of our winter life – the dogs love it very much!

08.01 – Vaimastvere Group Show. Ringokris Kernow Valmonte won his second juniorCAC, was BOS junior, best male, and BOS. We were SOOO happy! Congratultaions to the owners! At the same show Sarli’s (Trebell Ticket To Ride’s) daughter Terra Antyda Sani Yvette received her first CAC. Congratultaions!