Visit to “mountainous” Estonia where together with dogs we have wonderful after-Christmas at Pille’s and Aulis’s friendly home

11.-13.10 first we travelled to South Estonia to pick up another team member – Skylinedog Rose Jennifer (extrteme right on the picture), to continue to shows in Latvia and Lithuania. Dogs performed well, we had time to walk in the towns, play in the forest and be beautiful in the show ring. Results: Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas (on the extreme left) became Latvian, Lithuanian and Baltic Veteran Champion; Reval Dream Esprit (2nd right) – was BOB junior in Lithuania, Best male and BOSTenfield Tori (in the middle) – received Lithuanian CAC in working class. It was a long and tiring, but lovely trip.

03.10 – we celebrate Caesar the Boxer’s 12th birthday and Hanna’s 4th month birthday with common fun by the sea.

23.09 – early in the morning our cat Sassu went over the rainbow bridge.
07.09 – Tallinn show, the whole team engaged. Reval Dream Esprit gains his second juniorCAC; Trebell Ticket To Ride is 3rd in Open class with CK, Tramin Magellan 1st in Champion class – so that in Best male ring three our boys are competing and Inga has to become a handler. Tramin Rhyanna is 2nd best bitch and together with his sire Trebell Ticket To Ride they are the best brace. It is a truly excellent day!

 At the Guldfynd’s: breeder Livia Roomets, her first golden Impayables Strong Soleroga, her daughter Guldfynd’s Alexandria Aissele, her son Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas & his son Reval Dream Esprit

August – a month of family reunions. First we visited Carlo’s mother and grandmother, then we were visited by Carlo’s daughter Ringa from Finland.

17.08 – At Tallinn International Show Open class 2nd with “certificate candidate”

Ringokris Kernow Viviana

18.08 – Tallinn International show, Ringokris Kernow Viviana 4th excellent in Open class

 Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas with two of his progeny: Ringokris Kernow Viviana (dam Tramin Rhyanna) & Reval Dream Esprit (dam Timantti Solid Ellinn)

 At the age of 1 year

11.08 – At Väimela show Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit) receives junior CAC (critique) and Charlie (Trebell Ticket To Ride) is 3rd “excellent” in open class (critique)

 Video dogs playing

We also visited our friends in Skylinedog kennel, Carlo’s father Jake (Ritzilyn Blues Brother) who has birthday at the same day as his grandson Priidik, and Charlie’s and Alvin’s daughter Ari’s son Riki (Kämpfer Fänge Richard Burton).

 From the left: Trebell Ticket To Ride (Sarli), behind him bokser Caesar, Sarli’s daughter Tramin Rhyanna, Inga, Carlo’s granddaughter Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel (Damsi), Olga, Timantti Solid Ellinn (Elli), Olga poeg, Total Touch v d Issel Hoeve (Timmu), Tramin Magellan (Mailo), Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas (C arlo), Tenfield Tori (Alvin), Carlo’s and Elli’s son Reval Dream Esprit (Priidik),  Carlo’s and Rianna’s son Ringokris Kernow Valmonte (Monty)

  Near Keila waterfall

03.08 – a small gathering “Ringokris and friends” with 10 dogs attending

At the end of July Elena Fedosseeva from Cantrygold kennel (Russia) visited us and brough Alvin’s daughter here. In addition to a day spent on the north coast, we also attended our Golden Club summer days in South Estonia and its specialty show. Pictures All the dogs we had taken – Reval Dream Esprit, Tramin Magellan ja Trebell Ticket To Ride – received “excellent” grade.

13. & 14.07 – Triin’s debut as a handler at shows for Reval Dream Esprit. Well done!

Mid-July is spent in England, Cirencester at the (UK) Golden Retriever Club Centenary celebratory events. The links below offer some glimpses to what we experienced: 

Handling Tenfield Commander In Chiefi

General atmosphere

show on July 12th

 parade of champions

show on July 14th

Videod YouTube’is

Carlo introducing the rules of house to Mailo

27.06 – Alvin returned from his long show and pleasure trip. We made him a gift: a common walök to the sea. The gang was whole again!

24.06 – The Ringokris family is joined by a visitor from Ukraine – Tramin Magellan, Mailo for short. He has immediate rapport with all the Ringokris members: dogsm, cats, humans. And he enjoys his forest walks and swimming sprees.

 Lena Ushan at the show with Alvin

15.06 – Alvin in Cisnau wins CAC and CACIB and becomes entitled to the title of Moldovan Champion. Many thanks to Lena Ushan from kennel Tramin for her help!

02.-14.06– Lia visists her parents in Vääna-Jõesuu. Below some recordings of her life here:

Playing with halfbrother Priidik

Like father like daughter

Playing with “uncle Tim”

At the beach

Carlo retriiverite erinäitusel/ Carlo at retriever specialty

02.06 At Estonian Winner show 2013, Ringokris Kernow Vallia in open class EXC2

01.-02.06 Tenfield Tori attends “Summer of the Black Sea” show at Illichevsk and becomes Ukrainian Champion. Thank you, Lena Ushan, for making this possible!

 Tenfield Tori – now also Ukrainian Champion

01.06 –  Retriever specialty attended by Ringokris team:

Ringokris Kernow Valmonte –  open class excellent

Ringokris Kernow Vallia –  open class excellent

Ringokris Kernow Viviana –  open class Exc 4

Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas –  veteran Ex 3

And friend’s achievement: Skylinedog Rose Jennifer – best bitch puppyBOB puppy, BIS-1 puppy! Congratulations to Pille and all the Skylinedog family!

 Pille in the ring with Priidik and Jennifer

24.05 – we are visited by Pille with her puppy, Carlo’s niece Jennifer. We attend the show for puppies and veterans organised by the Bulldog Club. Priidik is limping and receives only a good critique, Skylinedog Rose Jennifer is BOB puppy and BIS4 puppy. Carlo is BOB veteran and BIS-2 veteran. The day ended with a good swimming trip to the sea where  Jennifer learned to swim


Pleasure on the beach

Running after a stick

20.04 Tenfiled Tori in Moscow at Retrievers Specialty show 2nd in Winners’ class.

07.04 – Tenfield Tori receives CAC in Russian and wjth thatg is entiled to the title of Russian Champion!

02. ja 03. 03 – Tenfield Tori in Russia receives 2 x resCAC

Tenfield Challanger, Alvini onu aastal 2008

03.03 – Alvin’s uncle Tenfield Challenger is BOB and Group 2. Congratultions!

Sarli ja Tõnu Tallinna näitusel

02. and 03.03Tallinn National shows, Trebell Ticket to Ride – Exc3 in Open Class, shown – as usual – by Tõnu.

09. and 10.02At Valmiera shows in Latvia Ringokris Kernow Vallia wins 2 x Lv CAC, 1 x best bitch and BOS! Congratulations!

 Sarli observes the show with great interest

Priidik’s show debut at Narva show ended with best of breed puppy and the next day prize for “very promising”. Critiques here.

Ringokris Kernow Volterro

On Saturday we met Sven and Ringokris Kernow Volterro “Volli”, son of Carlo and Rianna who came to cross toes for half-brother Priidik’s group competition. Afterwards we went for a walk on the Narva-Jõesuu beach.

Next day the fun continued with participation at the Retriever speciality show and a walk on the beach afterwards.