Ringokris Anorie Rian & Tõnu

13.12 – EKC Christmas show in which Ringokris showed 6 young dogs, most of which were owner handled. The results were good: : Ringokris Viva Surion – BOS puppy, followed by his brothers Sermo (2nd) and Samo (4th), who were all “very promising” puppies. Ringokris Anorien Rian was 2nd among puppy bitches, again “very promising”. Among juniors Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel was BOB and her brother  Thorondor was BOS. In breeders class we were second.

Ringokris Viva Surion & Ingrid, kohtunik/ judge Iren Naarits

29.11 – Narva national show: Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris (Hanna) receives her last needed junior CAC to become Estonian junior Champion! Congratulations!  Reval Dream Esprit (Priidik) – best male 4, Ringokris Kernow Thorondor (Ruudi), Tinuviel (Murmel) and Tindomerel (Mirell) all receive “excellent” in junior class!

Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel

15.11 – Triin and Reval Dream Esprit make their debut in obedience competition, still an unofficial one, and win the second place!

08.11 –  International Show in Tartu, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel first time in junior class and 3rd, certificate quality, Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris 5th (also CK) in the same class (out of 13)

09.11 – International Show in Tartu, Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris receives her second juiorCAC!

25.10 – Our Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit) passes gundog test with gusto and becomes Estonian Champion!

19.10 –  Ringokris meeting

Samo & omanikud/ owners

28.09 – Tallinn national show, another day of success for Ringokris:  Ringokris Viva Saminda – BOS baby puppy, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel BOS puppy, Reval Dream Esprit – BOS,  Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel receives CAC and is best bitch 3.

Saminda & Tõnu

27.09 – Tallinn national show turns out to be very successful for Ringokris: Ringokris Anorien Rumil – BOB baby puppy, Ringokris Viva Surion – male baby 2, “very promising”; Ringokris Viva Saminda – BOS baby puppy, of puppies Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel is BOB puppy, her sister RK Theodwyn second very promising puppy bitch, and their sister RK Thuile 4th very promising puppy bitch; their brother RK Thorondor is very 2nd promising male puppy. Reval Dream Esprit becomes BOB, but cannot stay for the group competition because he has to goto work trial; his brother Reval Dream Eclair is second in open classwith CK. Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel is best bitch 4.

Mirell & Tõnu

Thorondor & Ülle

07.09Tallinn 5. & 8. group show, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel BOB puppy, Reval Dream Esprit – best male 3

06.09 – Luige National Show, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel – BOS puppy,  Reval Dream Esprit – BOS, Trebell Ticket To Ride VetCAC, Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris – best bitch 3

TP/ BOB – Ringokris Kernow Thorondor & VSP/ BOS – Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel

Excellent show weekend:
23.08 Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel (Mirell) BOB puppy, RK Thorondor (Ruudi) BOS puppy, Tenfield Tori (Alvin) – Best Male 3, resCACIB (which should become a CACIB and thus Alvin International Champion – CIB)
24.08 – puppies exchanged places. RK Tinuviel was 3rd female puppy with Special Prize. Greatest surprise was made by Rianna (Tramin Rhyanna) who exactly 7 months ago gave birth to 12 puppies, but was now in top form to become best bitch, receive CACIB, right to participate at Crufts next year, and finally BOS

20.08 – Ringokris progeny meeting: puppies from T-, S-, and R- litters were present, enjoying water, wind and sand. Thunderstorm was on the sea, thus we got just a bit of rain which didn’t disturb our picnic. Thank you, all who came, it was fun!

Tõnu & Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit)

Alvin (Tenfield Tori)

Kristel & Hanna (Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris)

Early August we travelled to Helsinki in Finland to take part in three big shows 6.-8.08: Golden retrievers specialty with 176 registered Goldens (incl our 6), at Retriever specialty, and World Winner Show where the participant Goldens numbered 246 (incl our 3, all pictured here). All our dogs were “excellent” and we were deeply satisfied.

Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel & Tintalle

But shows are not just showing your dogs to judges, but meetings with friends and “doggy relatives”. We saw our´Tinka (Tintalle) who was 4th baby puppy at the Golden specialty. We met Alvin’s progeny both at pcialties and at the World Winner show. And of course, we had just a nice stay.

26.07 – Haapsalu National show: Ringokris Kernow Thorondor BOS puppy, with his owner Ülle Vaidla-Liiv’s debut as handler; Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas (Carlo) – BOS veteran. Ringokris Kernow Thuile makes her show debut and becomes 4th in puppy class. Photos from the show

17.07 – on the beach with dogs

07.07 – Bennito and Ragnor (who would leave later in summer) are taken to the seaside for the first time. Experiencing sand and water is thrilling. “The big ones” always enjoy beach pleasures.

Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris

22.06 -Luige show: Cantrygold Yuhanna Ringokris junior CAC and BOB junior! Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel BOB baby puppy!

21.06 – Luige show: Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel BOB baby puppy! Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas BOB veteran! Reval Drea ESprit – best male 3.

18.06Puppies of Mailo and Lia and here stacked and playing

15.06 – Puppies playing in the forest

08.06 – Being in Spain we also visit a show in Mocejon, unfortunately only 9 Goldens exhibited

01.06Estonian Winner Show: Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel – BOB baby puppy; Ringokris Kernow Turgon – BOS baby puppy!  In the picture on the left with Slovenian judge Barbara Krumpak. Tenfield Tori – 3rd in Champion class.

31.05 – Retriever specialty show: Ringokris Kernow Turgon – BOB baby puppy, BIS 2; Ringokris Kernow Tinuviel – BOS baby puppy

29.04 Tim, our goldenhearted happy prince, leaves us forever.

 Judge Anne Sume, Tõnu Lesleyga and Mati Mirelliga competing for BOB

 24.05 –  Double debut: Ringokris Kernow T-litter puppies’ and Mati’s first public appearance at the Show for Puppies and Veterans, bringing excellent results: RK Turgon (Lesley) was BOB and BIS-3, RK Tindomerel (Mirell) Bos, and Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas (Carlo) proudly BIS-4 veteran.

17.05 –  Theodwyn (Tetty) and Theoden visit us. Everybody has great fun

14.05 –  Ringa’s puppies 6 weeks old

11.05 – Rianna’s has a real mother’s day: out of 11 puppies 9 come to visit her. Only overseas puppies (in Saaremaa and Finland) cannot come

07.05 – Ringa’s puppies 5 weeks old

03.05 – Lia’s litter to Mailo (Tramin Magellan + Ringokris Kernow Vallia) is born: 5 boys and 1 girl.

Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel

29.04 – sad day as our sweet Tim dies at the age of 8 years and 4 months, suddenly due to a hidden disease. He goes, as Inga said, to gather the balls in the rainbow land.

26.04 –  Ringa’s puppies 24 days old

12.04 – Ringokris Kernow T-litter meets for second vaccination. Here is the photo coverage

02.04 – Ringa’s litter (Alibren Shear Spirit + Ringokris Kernow Viviana) is born: 4 boys and 4 girls.

01.03 – Show in Tallinn, Laurem Diadem A Ringokris Damsel was 3rd in junior class and in the end 3rd best bitch.

Rianna’s and Sirocco’s puppies go to the yard. Pictures of 5-week-old puppies.

 Carlo’s progeny: Reval Dream Esprit, Ringokris Kernow Valmonte & Vallia, Tramin Gathella for Ringokris

08.02 – Golden Retriever specialty, Carlo (Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas) is second in progeny class. Judge Siret Lepssaar says, “Sire has passed to progeny excellent bone, lovely eyes, nice tempermament and the real golden colour; would wish to see correct tailset in movement in all group members.”
In brace competition Reval Dream Esprit and Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel won. Judge Siret Lepassaar said: “Lovely, harmonious and strong brace, heads with strong skull and soft expression, correct toplines, ribcage of good depth, move with good pace, form a nice brace.”

08.02 –  At Golden Retriver Specialty show our team with friends is represented by 13 dogs. Individually the best are Reval Dream Esprit 3rd in young male class, and Tenfield Tori 2nd in working class.

26.01 – Narva Winter Cup, Laurel Diadem A Ringokris Damsel (Damsi) – Exc 3 in junior class

24.01 – Rianna gives birth to 12 puppies

New Year’s morning by the sea with the boys. Caesar and Rianna as “the old and pregnant” stayed home.