Inga ja Ringokris Anorien Rumil ringis

18.10 – Rakvere nationa show – Ringokris Anorien Rumil (Rummi) junior CAC, BOS junior, best male 3! With this achievement Rummi became Estonian junior champion. Congratulation to his owners Maiu and Argo Elmend!

06.09 – Luige national show: Ringokris Anorien Rumil (Rummi) junior CAC, BOS junior, best male and BOS! Congratulation to his owners!<

Tenfield Tori in Innsbruck

15. & 16.08 – Tenfield Tori (Alvin) is Veteran Winner on both days in Innsbruck, Austria. Many thanks for Janine Brüngger for showing our boy!

8.07 – In Ukmerge national show all our dogs metioned above receive “Excellent”, and Reval Dream Esprit received Lithuanian CAC!

12.07 – Ogre National Show – Ringokris Kernow Vallia BOBLatvian CAC and the right to become Latvian Champion. Congratultations to owner Olga Ignatieva!

05.07 – Pärnu International show where Mirell (Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel) gets her last junior CAC and thus becomes Estonian Junior Champion.

Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel – – TP/ BOB juunior

04.07 – Pärnu International show – Ringokris Anorien Rumil, first time in the ring as junior, and junior CAC!

20.06 – Luige national show: To our great pleasure  Sarli (Trebell Ticket To Ride) received his last needed veteran CAC to become Estonian veteran champion, in addition he was Best Male 3! His granddaughter Mirell (Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel) was BOB junior and Best Bitch with BOS!

Trebell Ticket To Ride – VSP/BOS veteran & Terra Antyda Sani Alabama TP/BOB veteran

09.05 – Show for hunting dogs in Türi: our Trebell Ticket To Ride – veteran CAC and BOS veteranRingokris Kernow Tindomerel – 2nd junior bitch, Best Bitch 3, kennel Ringokris – Exc 2, Special Prize. Kirsi Nieminen from Finland dictated: two different combinations, all three are excellnt type Goldens, some of them are still vry young and that’s why they are still loose in toplines; nice bones, strong hindquarters, little bit variation in head types, move well together – congratulations!

Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel – – VSP/ BOS juunior

Tallinn shows: 28.02 – Successful weekend for Ringokris sisters: BOS junior and junCAC Ringokris Kernow Tintalle (Tinka) – our progeny living in Finland! 01.03 –  BOS junior and junCAC

Below pictures from 14.02 Golden retriever specialty show where Ringokris team was represented with 17 dogs!

Tenfield Tori – TP/ BOB veteran

Narva show was also where Mareluna Historia de un Sueno (Bennito) made his show debut – becoming BOB puppy in a happy and playful mood; and Tenfield Tori entered his veteran class with being BOB veteran and gaining the title of Estonian Veteran Champion!

The year began with shows, mainly for Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel (Mirell) was “excellent” in January in Vaimastvere, Tartu and Narva shows.