31. 12
 Sending the old year away

31.12 On the picture (on the ground: Björbo Gullviva, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel, her mother Tramin Rhyanna, her father Trebell Ticket To Ride, Rhyanna’s daughter Ringokris Kernow Viviana. With Inga on the table: Tenfield Tori, Reval Dream Esprit & Mareluna Historia de un Sueno)

Christmas show for puppies and veterans our Ringokris Viva Paloma receiving her BOS puppy award; BOB puppy was Siimline’s My Name Is No.

On the image from left to right: Ringokris Viva Patricia, very promising, 3rd place in baby bitches, Ringokris Viva Paloma, very promising, 1sy baby bitch, best of opposite sex Ringokris Viva Perla, promising, 4th baby bitch. Ringokris Viva Pirro, promising.

We had a lovely Saturday morning at the show. We thank you from all your heart AigiSannaKätlin ja Merike that you took time to come to the show and have fun. You were wonderful and gave a good presentation!

8.12 – Puppies having fun at home 

26.11 – Puppies playing in the yard

20.11 – Our puppies 

11.11 – Puppy play 

10.11 – Peter (Ringokris Viva Primeiro) at the seaside 

3.11 – Puppies first time outside the whelping box 

28.10 – Peter and Ben

Happy parents

23.10 – Happy parents Alvin and Mirell

22.10 – Puppies

14.10 – Nine puppies were born out of Tenfield Tori and Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel

01.10 – Puppies in the yard 

20.09 – Six-week-old Ringokris Viva P-puppies 

18.09 – 40-day-old Ringokris Viva P-puppies 

15.09 – Cat Brutus playing with our puppies 

28.08 – Puppies 

16. & 17.07  – Results from three shows in Ogre: Tramin Rhyanna – 2 x BOS veteran, Tenfield Tori – veteran CAC, Reval Dream Esprit & Ringokris Anorien Rumil both Lv CACs, ad the best brace at Retriever specialty – Tenfield Tori & Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel

10.07  By the seaside with dogs

02.07 – Sad day as we say good bye to our oldest Golden, the very grand old man Carlo

23.06 – Midsummer night with dogs and visitors from Ulgumaa

Terje ja Murmel jooksmas tõu parimale/ Terje and Murmel running to be best of breed

20.06Ringokris Kernow Tinuviel gets her second CAC!

06.06 –  mother Rianna and daughter Ringa (Ringokris Kernow Viviana) mother with two daughetrs – Rianna, Mirell & Ringa

04.06 – At Golden retriever specialty Rianna becomes Estonian veteran Champion!

29.05 – Moletai show, Lithuania – Tramin Rhyanna best veteran!

25.05 – Priidik is training for advanced gundog test and the meeting of the S-litter

14.05 – St Türi show for hunting dogs our bred Ringokris Kernow Tinuviel (Murmel) was best female and then BOB! Congratulations to owner Terje Mei! Both are also doing gundog training, so the prize was very appropriate!

Ben (ees) ja Mirell (taga)/ Ben in front and Mirell

07.05 – Our progeny Raumo was best male 2!

24.04 – Ben’s second birthday with a cake (image beside) that was, of course, shared with best friends

08.04 – Small meeting by the sea, Ringokris Kernow Tindomerel, Thorondor & Thingol + Mareluna Hostoria de un Sueno, omadele Mirell, Ruudi, Fredi ja Ben

VSP/ BOS Vanilla Ice Del Valle De Pielagos, kohtunik/ judge Jochen Eberhardt ja TP/ BOB Dunehills Miss Gigi At Terra Antyda

23.03 – Celebrating Carlo’s 12th birthday

06.03 – Our Fidel (Vanilla Ice del Valle de Pielagos) becomes Estonian Champion and is BOS at Tallinn Show

14.02 – Our Rianna and Priidik are certified therapy dogs!

29.01 – Alvin’s (Tenfield Tori) title of International Champion (CIB) is confirmed

24.01 – Ringokris progeny meeting at the T-litter birthday in Tallinn PetCity

9. & 10. 01 – Visiting our friends Aulis and Pille with dogs in their home in South-East Estonia. Wonderful as always. Sledging with dogs.

1. 01 – The year’s first walk with dogs in Vääna-Jõesuu, Rianna and Mirell were in the city

 From the left: Sarli (Trebell Ticket To Ride), Carlo (Guldfynd’s Careful Casillas), Caro daughter Emma (Reval Dream Emmeline)and son Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit), Bennito (Mareluna Historia de un Sueno) ja Alvin (Tenfield Tori).