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Current status of 2009 TOP 20

As has been our tradition, the days between Christmas and New Year are spent in our winter “resort”, that is, at Pille’s friendly home. This time I had Alvin and TRim with me. Merike (kennel Double Flame) drove us there through snowfall and spent a full day with usWalks in snow were enjoyed both by dogs and us. We also visited Rianna’s brother River who had grown into a strong and handsome male. Our way back home was again through snowfall.


21.12.09  Went to see Rianna’s brother Sunny

28.11.09 – Sillamäe show: Alvin (Tenfield Tori) receives his last required CAC (needs a work certificate to become a champion), is best male and BOS! Carlo’s nieces Skylinedog Rose Athena was Best Bitch 2 and Skylinedog Rose Artemis received CAC!Photos from the show

25.10.09 – Great news from England: at Midland Counties Show Tenfield Maori Venture was again BOB and became UK Show Champion! We are so happy and proud for you, Kim and Pepper!

17.10.09 –  Northern Golden retriever Association Chamionship Show — BOB Tenfield Maori Venture! Congratulations to Kim and Pepper! Picture from August.

17.-18.10.09 Wonderful weekend in Latvia and Lithuania with Reet Tutt and her dogs Rogerwiek Icecream and Delibes’s Countryboy Chap. We went to Valmiera Show in Latvia where Rianna won 

Latvian Junior CAC and became thus Latvian Junior Champion and was in the end BOS, losing to our travel companion Rogerwiek Icecream who was BOB. After a pleasant walk we proceeded towards Lithuania to take part in Shiauliai Show. Rianna received Lithuanian Junior CAC and thus became Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Champion as well, was BOB junior and was shortlisted in junior group. What an ednd to her junior career! Delibes’s Countryboy Chap was BOB veteran and BIS-3 veteran, becoming also a Lithuanian and Baltic Veteran Champion! A long, but successful day! In the picture BOB Rogerwiek Icecream, judge Gerda Halff-van Boven from Holland and BOS Tramin Rianna in Valmiera. Photo: Christina Vähman

 10.10.09 News from England: At Liskeard & District Canine Association Open Show Sarli’s sister Trebell Take A Chance On Me was Best of Breed! Heartioest congratulations to Elaine and Eve!

20.09.09 We went to see Alvin’s and Steffi’s puppies and were very pleased.

19.09.09 Our neigbour girl Freja comes and visits us — what fun!

22.08.09 – Retriever speciality show: Sarli’s progeny(with Terra Antyda Sani Destiny) Terra Antyda Sani Yancy and Terra Antyda Sani Yvettewere BOS and BOB baby puppies, and TAS Yvette was the best baby puppy of the day!

06.08.09 Alvin (Tenfield Tori) became a happy father of 8 lovely puppies. Pups and their mother in the Kämpfer Fänge affix feel well.

26.07-13.08  In the UK: First I did a grooming course in Top To Tailwith Charmaine Ennis van Maren, then visited “doggie relatives“. I was joined by another “relative” Pille with whom we took photos of National GundogPaigntonBournemouth and United Retriever ClubShows.

12.07 –  Valga show: Rianna is BOS junior, her half-brother Terra Antyda Sani Unreal Hope is BOB junior and becomes Est Junior Champion – so ourSarli has sired two Estonian Junior Champions!

05.07 –  Luige show, Rianna is BOB junior and becomes Est Junior Champion, is also BOB and 4th in Group. Many thanks to Livia Roomets (Guldfynd’s) who handled her!

29.06–06.07 I am in the Carpatian mountains with friends. Lovely!

27.05 – Pärnu International Show, the sky is weeping and our mood far from good. Rianna felt a bit down and was 4th junior, Alvin (Tenfield Tori) perofrmed better,  was CAC and ResCACIB and was 3rd best male.18. 06 Fun trip to the sea and then shows at Luunja. On the first day Rianna is 4th best bitch, on the second day 3rd junior.07.06 –  International Winner-show in Tallinn: Rianna was best junior bitch, got her second juniorCAC and together with it the title Estonian Junior Winner 2009 plus qualification for the next year Crufts! Besides she was BOS junior and 3rd best bitch. Sarli’s son Terra Antyda Sani Unreal Hope got his first junior CAC.

Pictures from the shows.

13.05 – We moved to our summer residence in Vääna-Jõesuu and enjoy life to fullgrass games and sea splashes are parts of everyday activites

10.05 –  Sarli became father once again: in Meiepere kennel 6 boys and 4 girls were born. More infoMeiepere G-litter 

19.04 – North West Golden Retriever Club Championship Show: Tenfield Maori Venture, JW receives res-CC for bitches. Congratulations Kim!Pepper’s mum is Alvin’s granny.

18.04  At National Show in Sillamäe Rianna gains her first JunCAC, is BOS Junior, Best Bitch and BOS! (Foto/ photo: Liina Maldre)

Life in branches

07.04 Sarli became father once again: in Terra Antyda Sani kennel there are 2 male and 4 female puppiesMore information: Terra Antyda Sani

05.04 Pictures from spring walks, mainly of Tim and Alvin

04.04 –  National show in Rakvere, Rianna is 2nd junior and 4th best bitch. (Picture: Kadi Haljand)

07.03 – Relatives at Crufts: Tenfield Border Rambler, JW – 5. male (at the left); Tenfield Sea Patrol – 4. undergraduate male; Tenfield Maori Venture – 5. graduate bitch; Steval Man About Town at Cornbrough – 1. undergraduate  male and  male ResCC Ch Captain Finn at Steval, the sire of our Sarli (above right, many thanks to the photographer Hans Blancke)

14.02 –  Our winter specialty, Rianna (Tramin Rhyanna, on the right) makes her debut as a junior and receives “excellent” from Bart van Maren. Carlo (Guldfyynd’s Careful Casillas, below) is third “excellent” in working class, judged by Ans van Leeuwen.

Pictures from specialty show can be seen here.

On the basis of show results (best male and female placings) I calculated the TOP 20 show dogs of 2008 – the taste of the judges of the year.