We are waiting for puppies in 2018. february combined
Enthusiastic Swimmers Ray of Light & Ringokris Kernow Tinuviel

February 4th – doggie and human relatives visiting Murmel and her guardian Terje. Everybody had advice for the furtire mum (Murmel): mother Rianna and siter Mirell with Inga and Heili, and brother Ruudi with his owners Ülle and Andres. Ülle made excellent pike cutlets, salad was made by Terje, and wonderful tarts by Inga and Terje.

Mother Rianna in front, daughter Murmel left and son Ruudi right

Ruudi and Murmel

Murmel in snow

Ülle makes cutlet

Rianna and Murmel

At the table

We received title confirmations from Lithuania: Priidik (Reval Dream Esprit) became Lithuanian and Baltic Champion, and Ringokris Melian Olimar Lithuanian Junior Champion!